by Caren Nederlander

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Pop art screensaver is a slideshow containing more than 1000 unique pictures for your home computer or laptop. It is a collection of unusual colorful sights from around the world including: creative billboards, peculiar sculptures, unusual street scenes, striking monuments, dramatic storefront windows, dazzling Christmas decorations, distinctive stain glass windows, eye catching water towers & buildings, clever roadside stands, sensational scenery, colorful construction sites, amazing gardens, impressive bridges & tunnels.

Downloading this pop art slideshow will enable you to display a slideshow of continuously changing colorful scenes for your laptop when it is not being used, thereby enlivening it with spectacular pictures when your screen would otherwise be vacant and dark.



We think you will love Pop Art Slideshow. This slideshow is the result of our travels worldwide.
I photographed the most dramatic, unique sites to create this slideshow, a perfect screensaver for your home computer or TV.
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